25 July
Double dungeons, Cult of the depths.

So last session, 25 July, we covered a lot of ground. We brought some players up to speed on the new campaign setting AND cleared out two dungeons. Here are some details about it.

Storm Tower: We wrapped up the dungeon that the group started on 18 July. (I wonder how much Kyle remembers…) After clearing a few random Yellowskull Bandits and circumnavigating a few traps, we came across eight ornate coffins, each holding a human warrior corpse and a silver ring. The presence in the tower (the presumed dead elf wizard chick Vanamere) told us to keep our dickbeaters off of them, so we let the rings be and moved on.

After the Paladin and Cleric solved a cauldron puzzle/mystery, we were able to progress into the last room. In this final chamber lay the remains of the two owners of the tower and keep. Also in the room was an evil caster bro and a six pack of lackeys. The paladin tanked in the center ground, and we all rushed the caster bro in the rear of the chamber. After laying down an ass whooping we popped the coffins, and with Vanamere’s blessing, looted the coffins and split back to Sharn.

We didn’t stay in Sharn long before our next assignment came to us. We were to travel across Khorvaire, to the west, and find a small town named blackroot. In this town was a broette that we were to recover, and return to the City of Towers.

Blackroot: On the edge of the swampland know as the Shadow Marches, was a small farming town. In this town we were to find Jane Doe. After our hostile welcome, we investigated the town and found signs of violence in a vacant house. Jane’s vacant house. The Ranger spotted a villager headed into woods, and tracked him to a guarded cave entrance. We naturally stormed that cave and discovered a cult at work. After fighting our way through the winding tunnels, we found a small opening in the earth that would take us deep into Khyber.

We descended into dark depths and faced some messed up monsters as we cleared our way to the final room. In the final room, the walls were lined with some kind of one person holding cells, a la Matrix mixed with large dragonshards. A large arcane machine of sorts sat in the center of the room, no doubt it was the source of magic that kept these cells sealed. The cult was kidnapping townspeople and holding them here until they were needed for human sacrifice. After a really fun skill challenge we managed to destroy the power source and free the villagers.

Just as we were leaving, a really powerful bro appeared and said that he would allow us to take the villagers if our Paladin could best him in an “honorable” duel. The Paladin was doing very well, and the evil bro cheated, so we put the boots to him. We looted some nice armor and junk off of him and went about our business.


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